Self Help Book for Kids

Looking for a self help book you can DOWNLOAD right now for your children?  Look no further…

There are many self help books on the market for adults, however very few for children. Kayde and Sarah’s secret adventure bridges the gap between the adult self help books and children learning how to heal themselves.

It is simply written with bright and colourful illustrations to capture any child or adult wanting to learn how to heal yourself.

Lynda Dyer, author and NLP trainer – Hear what she has to say…

“This e-book provides an alternative solution to assist in the healing process and maintain a good standard of health.” Lynda Dyer

Kayde and Sarah’s Secret Adventure is a downloadable children’s e-book that teaches positive mindset and how to heal yourself.

No need to wait for postage…simply DOWNLOAD the children’s story book NOW and start assisting your children in how to heal themselves.

♦ BONUS parents workbook – a step-by-step guide with growth mindset activities that assist your child to heal themselves.

DOWNLOAD NOW for only $9.99 

The children’s book, ‘Kayde and Sarah’s Secret Adventure’, is an adventure story where Kayde and Sarah embark on a journey through the human body. During this adventure they are shown how to use their imagination for healing their bodies

The Parents Workbook assists the parents to work with their children and achieve healthy body and minds using a simple step-by-step method for parents to follow.

DOWNLOAD now for only $9.99