Finally a HEALTH book set designed specifically for young children.

This new book set provides an alternative solution to assist in the healing process and maintain a good standard of health.

The “My Imagination Heals” set teaches children how to use their minds to create healthy bodies and minds.

The set consists of the Children’s story book, a Parents workbook and a CD to assist in the understanding of the healing process. Valued at $45.00. BUY NOW for only $25.00 (HUGE value!)

The children’s book, ‘Kayde and Sarah’s Secret Adventure’, is an adventure story where Kayde and Sarah embark on a journey through the human body. The story begins where Kayde has an earache and wants desperately to go to the circus…  Kayde and his sister Sarah are invited to take a journey through the human body to find out more about how to use their imagination for healing their bodies.  They are taught about alternative therapies and how they can help alter the healing process of their own bodies.

The Parents Workbook assists the parents to work with their children and achieve healthy body and minds using a simple step-by-step method for parents to follow.

On the CD, the Author describes how to use the workbook and explains some scenarios that may occur during the healing process.

If you would like your children to understand how alternative therapies can help their health…take a look at this book set.

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