Val Silver, Holistic Wellness Coach from comments on My Imagination Heals.

Using the power of story and colorful illustrations, hypnotist Michelle Tremolada takes children on a magical journey through the human body to learn how to use imagination for self-healing.

In this story, Kayde and Sarah take a ride on Speedy the train to see different areas of the body that are hurting and in need of healing.

Under the guidance of their escort, Delta, they learn to overcome limiting beliefs, believe in themselves, and access the power of their imaginations to heal.

Val Silver with Teddy

What I like about this book is that it honors the limiting beliefs children may have already have about healing and helps them shift those beliefs and embrace the power of imagination in a non-threatening way using the magic of story and illustrations.

Young children are naturally in suggestible brain states. They are open and are not as hampered by all the limiting beliefs that hold adults back. have fewer limiting beliefs than adults, and have powerful imaginations.

To teach a child to harness the power of subconscious mind, and a deep belief that his/her mind is capable of healing the physical body is a real gift that can serve him or her for a lifetime.

It is much more of a challenge to shift these beliefs in adults. If you are an adult and this process appeals to you, I encourage you to embrace your inner child and go for it!

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