About The Author

“The concept for this book was created when I was only 21yrs old”, says Michelle Tremolada, author and qualified Hypnotherapist, “now with the addition of a Parents workbook, CD and the revamping of the children’s book, it has evolved into something bigger and better.”

There are many self help books on the market for adults but very few for children. This book is simply written for the parent and child to understand and implement into their busy daily lives.

Michelle, who has four children uses this technique and was eager to share it with other parents. “It is not to replace medical treatment; it is to assist in the healing process. Our mind is extremely powerful, and by introducing this concept through a children’s story, they too can experience the benefits of using their imagination in a focused way on their own health.”

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My Imagination Heals was Illustrated by Vanessa Snaith. Find out more information about Vanessa.