About The Illustrator

Vanessa paints, draws and teaches. Through her work she seeks to provide a space for us to stop and contemplate our human nature and common experience.

Through symbolic imagery, colour and texture she strives to illuminate the great lyncism created by the metaphysics of the most common objects. To bring reverence to the everyday, and to create an opportunity for personal insight.

Hence working on the ‘My Imagination Heals’ series has been a beautiful alignment to Vanessa vision for creating images that can heal, open new awareness’s and deeper understanding.

Vanessa holds a degree in Art Education from the University of New South Wales and has taught children of all ages as well as adults for the past ten years.

She is currently teaching classes and workshops in the Northern Beaches area.

For any inquiring regarding illustrations, class programs or exhibition, please email her at info@qmalife.com and we will happily pass on your message to Vanessa.