The “My Imagination Heals” Series

The children’s book, ‘Kayde and Sarah’s Secret Adventure’, begins when Kayde has an ear-ache and seemingly won’t be able to attend the Circus the next day. This is when Delta (imagination/mind) appears to both Kayde and his sister, Sarah. With assistance from his friend, Speedy the Train, they all embark on a journey through the human body. Delta teaches the children how to heal areas of their body, which are sick, or in pain.


On their return, Kayde uses the methods taught to assist with the healing of his ear-ache.

The Parents Workbook has been designed as an assistant to the children’s’ adventure story. This workbook displays a simple step-by-step method for parents to work with their children and achieve healthy body and minds.

This is not an alternative treatment for serious illnesses. You are recommended to seek your usual medical attention if your child is suffering from an illness. This book is to assist the healing process.

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Childsbook – PDF

Parentbook – PDF

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